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Microgreens are tiny versions of herbs and vegetables, ready to harvest and eat only a few days after germinating. They’re nutritional powerhouses, containing as many vitamins and minerals as the fully-grown versions, but packed into a much smaller space. 


If you like the idea of food that provides your body with superb nutrition and tastes fantastic at the same time, microgreens are definitely for you! Not only do they add a delectable flavour, texture and colour to food, but chefs and foodies alike know they also look winningly delightful gracing all kinds of dishes, and will really elevate your presentation to the next level.  


We offer unharvested microgreens in trays, which can be added to dishes as and when required, and will happily keep growing on your kitchen windowsill, making them absolutely ideal for people without gardens, or with limited space. They’re fantastically versatile, and can be added to soups, stews, sandwiches, salads, smoothies and more! 


Here are some of our favourites which we’re growing right now for our shop and café: 


  1. Radish – these wonderful little shoots are delicate but deliver a robust pepperiness, perfect for adding a touch of spicy heat to your food. They’re streaked with pink, and will lend a wonderfully ‘chefy’ look to a finished dish. Not only that – they’re absolutely loaded with beneficial minerals and vitamins, and full of fibre too! 

  2. Pea shoots – these gorgeous little tangled beauties have a deliciously sweet, mild flavour profile, similar to mangetout or snow peas. They’re full of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamins A and C, and they’re awesome in wraps, salads, stir-fries and all dishes which require a tantalising crispy crunch and a luscious burst of flavour. 

  3. Leeks – these are members of the allium family, which also includes onions, garlic and chives. Chefs love these little guys, as they impart a lovely, mild onion flavour to dishes, with a hint of cucumber, and liven up any dish visually. They also aid digestion, improve your skin, and are even said to work as an aphrodisiac! 

  4. Sunflower shoots – these microgreens’ nutty flavour and hint of lemon make them a favourite in all sorts of dishes. They go especially well with scrambled eggs, and they’ll add a brilliant layer of flavour and extra texture sprinkled on top of soups. They’re also packed with zinc, calcium and B-vitamins, and are said to be the best food source of essential amino acids.

  5. Mustard – not only are mustard microgreens one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world, but they also look fantastic, and will add a lip-smackingly peppery hit to your sandwiches, salads and stir-fries. A great way to boost your health, tantalise your eyes and tickle your taste buds!  

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